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How to add a new template in Spectora
How to add a new template in Spectora

Looking to add a new template? Need more comment libraries? Want more narratives? Whatever you call them, we make it easy for you!

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Spectora makes adding a new template to your library quick and easy!

Here's how...

Once you're logged into your Spectora account from a desktop, go ahead and pop into your template editor by clicking  "Templates". From here, click into the box with the 3-dots, and then +Add Templates in the drop down menu.

This is where things get exciting....

You can browse our pre-built templates ready to be customized, including templates based on InterNACHI and ASHI Standards of Practice. Members of the Spectora community also generously share their templates here! You'll also have the option to create a blank template to start from scratch, clone of your existing templates, import from another software, or import from a spreadsheet.

Let's keep it simple & choose to browse our template center... You'll end up viewing our "Spectora Starter Templates" shown below.

And if you keep scrolling.... you'll see our community shared templates. From here, just select the template you want & click "+ Add Template" when prompted. Go crazy and add a bunch or keep it simple and only add what you need! 

If you're feeling generous, don't forget you can share your templates with our community too! We hope this helps the Spectora community share ideas, welcome new members, and raise the bar overall! Learn how here.

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