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How to Import a Template from a Spreadsheet
How to Import a Template from a Spreadsheet
Looking to import an excel file as a template? Look no further, here's how!
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๐Ÿ’ก Hint: If you have a .csv or other file type, convert it to .xls or .xlsx first before attempting to import it

First, if you want to export a template to edit it in a spreadsheet format, go to your Templates tab > Click the 3 dots > Export to Spreadsheet

Let's get started!

1. To begin importing, first ensure you have the right column formatting on the spreadsheet

Follow this guide:

  • Section Name

  • Item Name

  • Comment Name

  • Comment Text

  • Comment Type (info, limit, defect)

  • Category (-1: Low, 0: Med, 1: High)

  • Multiple Choice Options (comma-separated)

  • Unit Type Options (numeric answers only, comma-separated)

  • Recommendation (from list)

  • Order (w/i item)

  • Answer Type (boolean, checkbox, date, number, range, text)

  • Default Value

  • Default Value 2 (for "range" types)

  • Default Unit Type (for "number" and "range" types)

  • Default Location

  • Default Estimate Min

  • Default Estimate Max

  • Locked (true/false)

  • Simple Format

  • Disable Photos (true/false)

  • Uses

  • Default Photo 1

  • Default Photo 1 Caption

  • Default Photo 2

  • Default Photo 2 Caption

  • Default Photo 3

  • Default Photo 3 Caption

  • Last Modified

You can also download this sample which has the correct column formatting

2. When you are ready to import your .xls or .xlsx file, go to your Templates tab > Click the 3 dots button > Click +Add Templates

3. Select Import From a Spreadsheet

4. Click Choose File to find the .xls or .xlsx file on your computer, then Import Template

5. Done! Your template may take up to 10 minutes to import depending on the size of your template.

Once it is done, it will be displayed in your My Templates list as "Imported from XLS"

If you have any questions or feedback, write into our chat bubble or email!

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