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How to Schedule Time Off or Calendar Events
How to Schedule Time Off or Calendar Events

Blocking time off on your dashboard calendar!

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Whether it be for a vacation or a couple hours away for a doctors appointment, you can schedule events on your Spectora dashboard calendar in order to block off specific dates and times that are typically within your availability. This will help prevent clients and agents from booking you on your online scheduling during a time you won't be available. Here's how!

Scheduling an Event:

  1. Click the calendar date you're wanting wanting to schedule your event on

  2. Select the Event button from the pop up menu

  3. In the event box make sure you:

    1. Name your event

    2. Assign to an inspector from the dropdown menu
      โ€‹Note: this needs to be done even for solo inspector companies

    3. Adjust the date(s) and time to make sure it' reflecting the correct window of time you're needing off

      Note: events default to 12AM of the date selected. Be sure to change the times to reflect accordingly

    4. Hit the Schedule Event button to save!

You can also schedule an event on a web browser on a mobile device. Click here to see how that's done!

And voila! Your event won't be visible on the client/agent facing side of the online scheduler, they simply won't see that as an available time slot before then.

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