How to Take a Screen Shot to Send Us

Taking a picture of of the problem you're having

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Pictures and videos of troubleshooting items are very helpful for us to efficiently help and fix troubles. 

For iPhones & iPads: Simultaneously press the Volume Up and Lock buttons. 

How to Take Screenshots on iPhone X, iPhone XR, XS, and iPhone XS Max |  OSXDaily

For androids phones & tablets: Hold power and volume down buttons.

On Computers, the button shortcuts are different for each set up, but we use the Cloud App  and  Skitch  when we send you pictures and videos, and they both are great products. 

On Windows, the most common way is to press the "Windows" and "PrtSc" keys at the same time on your keyboard

The Easiest Way to Take a Screenshot in Windows | wikiHow

On Apple computers, press "Command", "Shift", and "3" at the same time

How to Take a Screenshot of your Apple Computer | Apple computer, Apple  computer laptop, Hacking computer

How to Use Skitch to Take a Screenshot

Once you download Skitch and open it, you'll have a little arrow/feather icon at the top of your screen.

After you take the screenshot, you can simply drag it into the chat window or send it in an email to

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