Often you need to re-send the link for the client or agent to view the inspection.  It's the page that contains links to do a number of important tasks:

  • Pay for the inspection

  • Accept agreements

  • View the invoice

  • View attachments

  • View reports

The link to this page is included in your automated emails where you use the {{INSPECTION_LINK}} shortcode.  

It is also accessible in your Inspection Details page:

Visiting that page lets you see the page the client would see:  

This page's URL is a normal web link just like any other.  You can copy-and-paste it into any email or text message to share the page.  Use it to:

  • Remind clients to pay for the inspection

  • Remind clients to sign an agreement

  • Show clients where the invoice is located

  • Share the report with other parties

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