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Tasks Management (beta)

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Spectora Advance now includes Task Management!

Turning it on

To join the beta and start using the feature company admins can go to the beta features section of Settings.

How to get there

Now that the feature is enabled you have a few options for getting to your new Tasks list

  • Tasks Icon in the header - This one also will have a red dot beside it if there are any due today or overdue tasks for you in your list!

  • Tasks in your user menu

  • Add it to your Nav Bar (via Settings)

Main Tasks List

Once you are on the Tasks page you will see any tasks that have been assigned to you.

  • Create a task by simply clicking + Add Task in the top right.

  • Open/Edit task by clicking Edit for a specific task. Here you make changes to the details of the task as well as change the status of the task by clicking Mark In Progress or Mark Complete. Note: Only those logged in as a company admin will be able to make changes to the Assign To field.

  • Comments can be added to a task and will show the date and the user leaving the comment for cases where a task may have several steps to complete or need additional context. These are located just below the description when you are in the Open/Edit screen for a task.

  • Deleting a task can be done if you are logged in as a company admin

  • View the Description without opening the task by hovering your mouse over the title

By default completed tasks won't show in your list but you can adjust the filters if needed to see and/or re-open a completed task. Company admins will also be able to change the filters to see and make edits to all users Tasks lists.

Inspection Specific Tasks

Besides just the main Tasks list you also will see an Associated Tasks box on the Inspection Details page.

  • Create a task tied to an inspection by clicking the + New button in this section. This will create a link in the task to the inspection details page which will be seen even in the general Tasks list.

  • Non-admin users will be able see tasks associated with an inspection even if it is not assigned to them. They will not be able to make any changes to the details but will be able to add a comment if needed.

  • If a user is viewing the inspection specific task from the primary Task list they will also see a link to the associated Inspection Details page.

What is still coming

While we are excited to get this beta feature out to you to help add efficiencies to your business we are also planning on adding some more capabilities to this feature moving forward. These are things to keep an eye out for as we continue to develop in this area (ideally with your input in Canny on what is most important):

  • Concise Dashboard Widget for Tasks

  • External notification options

  • Mobile app visibility of today's tasks

As always please feel free to reach out to the bubble for any help if you run into any issues using the feature. Happy Tasking!

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