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Scheduling Recurring Jobs in Spectora
Scheduling Recurring Jobs in Spectora

Easily automate the scheduling of your pest control and other repeating services

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⚠️ This is a beta feature, please reach out to the chat bubble to have it enabled ⚠️

If you have been using Spectora for pest control, home maintenance services, or other recurring jobs, you know the inconvenience of having to schedule each appointment.

That is no longer an issue with the Spectora recurring jobs beta. With this feature, you can easily set your services to reoccur on a regular basis.

Scheduling a recurring job

To schedule your first recurring job go to the new inspection form.

In the form, you will notice a new option by date and time that allows you to select whether the job will be a one-off event or a recurring one.

Choosing to set the event as recurring will mean the event will repeat at the same time of day for the same duration at a set schedule.

Once a job is set to recur, you have a few options for customizing the cadence including how often it repeats.

  • The event can repeat as often as needed, ranging from multiple times a week to once every few years.

You also have the option to set a date for when the event should stop repeating. Alternatively, you can select to set a number of appointments the event recurs if that's an easier way for you to structure billing.

Once the cadence of the event is set, you can schedule the appointment as usual!

How do Recurring Jobs show up going forward?

  • They will automatically load as unconfirmed appointments going forward until their end date.

  • Recurring jobs show on future dates as unconfirmed inspections.

  • When scheduling a recurring job, many aspects are not carried over, including:

    • The assigned inspector, all recurring jobs are unassigned by default after the first appointment.

    • The services and fees for the inspection, these must be assigned per inspection.

  • Before confirming the new appointments, be sure they are updated to your preference.

Editing a Recurring Appointment

  • Recurring jobs can be edited from the inspection details page of any job in the series.

  • By default, editing the appointment from the inspection details page will not affect future or past jobs.

  • To be sure your edits are appropriately applied, be sure to select the editing option that best fits your needs.

  • If you need to cancel a series of recurring jobs, you can follow the steps you would for a normal inspection with a slight variation.

    • Select the "more" dropdown in the top right corner of the inspection details page.

    • On this dropdown, hit cancel.

    • In the cancel menu, select if you would like to cancel this order, future orders, or the whole series, including past appointments.

This feature is still in development and we are actively looking at ways to improve it such as carrying over the inspector assignments, fees, and offering a way to take recurring payments. Let us know what would help you best use this feature!

If you have any questions on this or other parts of Spectora, write into our chat bubble or email

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