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Using Closing and End of Period Dates
Using Closing and End of Period Dates

Clients and Agents can share relevant points of the transaction with you

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During a real estate transaction, there are a few critical dates to be aware of. As an inspector knowing these time constraints is necessary when scheduling and delivering reports.

In the client portal, agents and clients can now declare their closing date and/or the end of their option period (also known as due diligence, inspection, or contingency period). You will then see this information on the inspection details page.

Advanced users can also set actions using these dates as a trigger. For example, sending a "Congratulations on your closing!" text the day of or a re-inspection reminder email a year after.

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✅ Enabling or Disabling Close and Period Dates

In Settings > Business Tools > Client Portal you will see the following options.

If selected your clients will see these dates on the timeline of the Overview tab. For the "End of Period Date" you must select a name for the period. This varies state by state but it is usually called the option, due diligence, inspection, or contingency period.

⚠️Clients are not directed to the Overview tab first - by default client portal links open to the Tasks tab⚠️

Here's what that looks like:


👀 Viewing and editing Close and Period Dates

When a client clicks "Add your X date" a calendar selector will appear.

Once a date is selected and saved it will show on the timeline in the client portal

On the inspection details page (above email and text messages) you will see these dates and who set them. You can also edit the dates here if you have more accurate or recent information!

To edit the dates on the inspection details page click on the date field and a calendar selector will appear.

🤖 Using Close and End of Period Dates in Actions

For a more in-depth overview of setting up actions, start here: How to set up Actions to automate your workflow

In the actions creation menu, you will see Inspection Closing Date and Inspection End of Period Date as an option during "Choose an Event".

These events are defined as 8:00 AM on the declared date. So with the example above, an action at "0 hours after Closing Date" would trigger at 8 am January 13th.

Once selected you can continue to the next steps and set up your action as desired.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

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