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Converting Scheduled Inspections to Next Gen
Converting Scheduled Inspections to Next Gen
Have inspections that you already scheduled that you want to convert to Next Gen? Learn how to do this!
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Ready to dive into Next Gen but you have some inspections that are already scheduled that you need to convert? Here are the steps to do this!

(🚨Warning: Converting inspections to Next Gen from the original app will require deleting any active reports on the inspection and adding in a new report after converting, this includes reports containing any data. It is recommended to only do this on inspections you have not started or have not entered any data yet, or have very little data entered that you don't mind losing!)

1. Access the inspection details page for the inspection you want to convert and click on the 3 dots next to the report in the Reports box. Click on Delete to remove the report.

Deleting reports only needs to be done if the report has already been built! Reports are built the day of the inspection at 3AM or can be manually built before then. If the report has not been built yet, you can skip to the next step.

2, Once the report is deleted, you will scroll to the MORE button in the upper right hand corner of the inspection details page. Then scroll to "Convert to NextGen."

3. You will see a warning pop-up come up advising you that this will delete all reports and any information entered on the reports. If you wish to proceed, you can click on Convert Inspection.

(You will be able to tell your inspection converted successfully because you will see a little orange rocket ship icon in the Reports box)

4. Now you can re-add a new blank template to your Next Gen inspection by clicking on the +NEW button in the Reports box, selecting the template you want to use, and clicking Add Report.

Your inspection is now converted to Next Gen and you are ready to complete your report on the Next Gen app! πŸŽ‰

(If you are needing to convert a Next Gen report inspection back to Legacy, please reach out to us via the chat bubble so we can help!)

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