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Advanced Actions: Choose an Action and Add Details
Advanced Actions: Choose an Action and Add Details

Here are the final steps for completing your company Action messages!

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So you've chosen an event and added rules to your Actions, what's next?

Here's how you get to the next steps!

You'll get the option to name the Action for internal use. You can name it things like "Scheduling Email for Clients" or "1 Month Followup For Listing Agents", it's a nice tool to help further organize of your Actions.

From there, you'll decide what the Action will be: an email, text message, or webhook.


When you choose an email, you'll be brought to a page where you can choose specifics of what the email will look like! Here's a visual breakdown of what each section means:

You can choose from our preset list of recipients or enter in an address manually.

You are able to write in cc or bcc emails if you want other recipients attached, too!

From there you can enter in the email subject line and add placeholders to have information automatically populate (like the clients name, the inspections address, etc)

At the bottom of your email template, you'll have the option to add an attachment that will always be sent with your email.

You can set up a library of file attachments by clicking the "Set up attachments here" link and then add your attachments by clicking the "Attachments" drop down from the arrow below:

Here's how that looks when you create a new attachment:

And here's how it looks when you add it:

Click SAVE then you're done 🎉

Text Messages:

You'll follow the same steps to get to your text message templates!

It's important to note that you can only edit the text message templates if you have a custom phone number. Click here to learn more about how to get a custom number!

If you have a custom number, you can edit as you'd like and add additional placeholders!


A webhook is an action, automated by a trigger, that sends data from one platform to another. You set up a Webhook telling it where to send the message after it’s triggered by an event.

Note: We post data to webhooks in JSON format

For example:

Spectora doesn't directly integrate with Google Contacts. When a new client schedules an inspection, it saves to their Contacts tab in Spectora, but there's no way to send that new information to Google. A workaround would be to set up a webhook action to fire every time an inspection is scheduled by a first-time client. When that event triggers the action, it will pull their contact information, send it to your third party webhook (like Zapier), which then sends it to their Google Contacts app.

Here's how that looks!

In conclusion:

We have three different options to send out your actions; emails, texts, and webhooks.

You'll name the Action, choose what type of notification it will be, then type up the messages to be sent!

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