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Using the Zapier Integration
Using the Zapier Integration

How to integrate Zapier with Spectora and connect with CRMs, and other sites.

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⚠️ This feature is in beta ⚠️

Zapier is a great tool to connect with other software Spectora does not directly integrate with like a preferred CRM.

Right now, the integration can only send over contact information for newly added contacts and updates to contacts from Spectora to an outside program, but more options are coming.

How to integrate Spectora and Zapier

First, make sure you have a Zapier account set up which you can log into.

Once that is all set, use the link below to approve Spectora connecting to your Zapier account.

Creating your first Zap

Once Spectora and Zapier are connected, you can start building out your Zaps!

The first step is hitting "Create Zap," once there, you may see a few versions of the Spectora integration, select the one with the highest version number!

The next step is choosing your Trigger for your Zap. A Trigger is a thing on Spectora that will set off contact information being sent to your CRM.

Currently, we have four options for Triggers:

  • Agent contacts being created

  • Agent contacts being updated

  • Client contacts being created

  • Client contacts being updated

If you would like to have multiple of these actions trigger contact information being sent from Spectora, you would want to create multiple Zaps!

Connecting your Spectora Account

Once you select your Trigger, you will need to connect to your Spectora account.

Log into your Spectora account then hit connect on Zapier.

If you are someone who has multiple roles like an Org Manager and Inspector role, make sure you are logged in as an inspector or manager on the account you want to connect.

Testing your Trigger

Testing a Trigger just means making sure the Spectora account connected has what Zapier needs to run.

It will connect to your account and pull a random contact and all of the info with it.

Setting up your Action

The Action is what happens in the other software you choose to connect with Spectora when your Trigger is set off. You can select whatever other software you want, provided they also integrate with Zapier.

One example is you could have a new contact in Spectora also be made in a CRM like Hubspot.

Once you select the software to connect with and the specifics of what the Action does, your Zap will be ready to go!

Testing your integration

To be sure your integration with Zapier works the way you want it to, you will want to set off your Trigger.

Try creating or updating a contact on your connected Spectora account, depending on your selected Trigger, and wait 15 minutes. Then, check your connected account to be sure the information came over as you intended.

We can help with the basics of the integration, but if you want a more in-depth guide on what Zapier can do, check out their Info Center!

If you have any other questions on Spectora, write into our chat bubble or email

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