🛑 Please keep in mind that at this time, deferred payments is not set up to work in conjunction with ACH 🛑

Deferred payments allows you as a company to collect a client's credit/debit card information without processing the card until some time in the future. This can be a helpful tool for inspectors who want to give their clients more flexibility on when to pay, while ensuring that that payment will be received!

🌟 To have this feature turned on, please write in to our support bubble and a member of our client success team will turn that on for you on our end. 🌟

Note: This is a company wide setting, meaning there's no option to only enable this on one-off inspections. This will be required on every inspection scheduled, including previously scheduled jobs awaiting payment.

Getting Started

Once this feature is turned on, you can go to Settings > Payments to enable this on your account and adjust your settings for your deferred payments.

  • Charge At Time: This allows you to set a pre-determined number of hours to run the card, such as "2 hours before the inspection" or "3 hours after the inspection". Up until that time, fees may be added or removed to the inspection.

  • Lock Reports Until Payment Has Been Ran: This gives you the option to decide to keep the reports locked until the payment has been received. If left unchecked, reports will be unlocked after publishing, regardless if payment has been ran yet.

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How To Use

Once this is enabled, your clients will have the option to enter their payment details from their client portal the same they would if they were making a standard payment.

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Once the client enters their card information, you'll be able to view on the inspection details page that the payment information has been retained and when that card will be ran in the Fees & Payments box! Any time prior to that date and time, you will be able to add or remove additional fees, remove the card, or manually run the card at an earlier time by selecting the '...' button in that box.

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Note: This feature is only available to our inspectors utilizing Spectora/Stripe payments.

And that's it! From there, the indicator icons on the calendar and All Inspections page with change from red to orange once a payment method has been entered by the client. We hope this tool allows you to give your clients more flexibility in paying for their inspections, while also helping you have the peace of mind, knowing you'll be compensated for your work!

To have this feature turned on, please write in to our support bubble and a member of our client success team will turn that on for you on our end!

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