How to use Quick Edit

Want to see your report edits immediately on the finished report without switching pages? Here's how!

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What is Quick Edit?

Quick Edit allows you to make small changes to your comments from the finished report. This can be helpful because you can see how your changes look right away on the final product.

Here's how it looks:

What can you edit with Quick Edit?

  1. Comment Name

  2. Flag or unflag a comment

  3. Remove or Uncheck this comment (This will remove it from this report, but not from your Template)

  4. Category

  5. Comment description and formatting

  6. Contractor recommendations (if you have the Contractor Recommendations feature enabled in Template Settings)

  7. Cost Estimates (if you have Cost Estimates feature enabled)

What can't you edit?

  • Add or delete photos

  • Reorder comments

  • Duplicate comments

How to use Quick Edit

Note: This feature is meant to be used on a computer, Quick Editing on mobile may give a lesser experience than a computer

  • From the View page, hover your mouse over the comment you would like to Quick Edit

  • Click the Edit button

  • Edit what you would like to edit

  • Click Save Changes

  • See your change on the final report in real-time ๐ŸŽ‰

What if I need to edit more?

If you need to make edits that cannot be done via Quick Edit, use this shortcut to be taken back to the Report Editor page

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