How to Un-Publish a Report

Remove access or unpublish a report after publishing

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While there is no direct way to remove access for a client/agent to a report that has been paid for, published, and the agreement has been signed, we do have a workaround!

If the Client/Agent only has access to the report

If the person you want to remove has only received a link directly to the report and has NOT received a link to the client portal, follow these steps. You can double check by looking at the emails they received.

1.Copy the report

  • To copy a report, click the 3 dots button > Copy

2. Delete the original report

  • To delete the original report, find the report with the green paper airplane

  • Then, click the 3 dots > Delete

3. Now you are left with a report that has NOT been published, so no one can view it

  • If you'd like to publish again, make sure to remove the client or agent that should not receive the report

If the Client/Agent has access to the Client Portal

If the person you need removed has access to the full Client Portal, deleting the report will not help! Follow these steps instead:

1. Create a NEW Inspection

2. Copy the report TO the new inspection

  • To copy a report, click the 3 dots button > Copy

  • Then, type in the address and match the date with the NEW inspection

3. Delete the original inspection

  • To delete an inspection, click MORE > Delete

  • This will destroy the Client Portal this person has access to

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