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Mobile Report Writing with Spectora Next Generation
Next Gen Mobile App Settings and What They Mean
Next Gen Mobile App Settings and What They Mean

Check out the Settings Options in the Next Gen App!

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Save Media to Gallery

Enabling this setting will allow pictures taken in the app to be saved to an album titled with the inspection address in your device automatically! Use this feature to capture CYA photos and non-report photos that can come in handy for later use!

Save Annotated Images

Once enabled, this setting will automatically save annotated photos where you added an object or text to an album in your device's gallery.


Immediately after taking a photo, you will be taken to the annotation options to add arrows, comments, and more to your photos! You can also choose to only turn on the auto-annotate feature for deficiencies or all comment photos.

Note: If you choose to turn this setting off, you'll need to manually tap on the photo to add annotations to it.

Automatic Syncing

You can enable this settings to automatically sync your data with the server without having to manually trigger it. This will give you peace of mind that your data is being synced to the web as you go!

Search Comments On

This feature allows you to customize your global search in the app. You can choose to search for Titles only, or chose Titles and Text to bring up more options when you search!

Always Search Entire Report

You can toggle this on to default to always searching the entire report, even when searching within a section or item.

Enable Chat Bubble

This settings allows you to get in touch with us on the Bubble directly from the app!

As you can see, there are many different options under App Settings to customize the app so it functions in a way that is most efficient for you! If you have any questions on this, please reach out to us via chat on the bubble!

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