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Inspection Notifications for Inspectors
Inspection Notifications for Inspectors

How to use Actions to set up inspection-specific emails or texts to inspectors!

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Using Spectora Advanced, you can send your inspectors email or text notifications regarding their assigned inspections!

Method 1 - Notify the inspector assigned to a new inspection

  1. Create a new Action and select Inspector Assigned as the event. (For a simple notification, you may not need to add an specific Rules

  2. Select Inspectors as the recipient and customize your subject line and email as you see fit!

Method 2 - Notify another inspector to perform an ancillary service

  1. Create a new action. For this option, you may only need to choose Inspection Scheduled as the event.

  2. Add a Rule. In this example, say you have an inspector that performs all of your Sewer Scopes. Select Has, Service Addon (or "Service", depending on your Services & Fees setup), and Standard Inspection > Sewer Scope.

    The names of your services/add-ons will vary based on your specific service/add-on list.

  3. Type in the specific email address for the inspector who performs this ancillary service in the recipient line and customize the subject and email as you see fit!

*Note: You can also create inspector notifications for canceled or rescheduled inspections as well. Just copy the Action, and edit the Event to "Inspection Canceled" or "Inspection Rescheduled"!

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