How to Use the NPMA-33 Form

Fill out the NPMA-33 specialized form in the Spectora app and output a perfect Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report PDF.

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In our Template Center, we have a number of specialized forms that output in a specific PDF replica instead of our normal web report! The NPMA-33 will output your report to a flawless Wood Destroying Insect Report PDF without any extra fuss from you.

Adding NPMA-33 to your Account

1. Visit the Template Center in your Spectora account > Templates.

2. Click on the Template named NPMA-33 under Spectora Starter Templates > Add Template.

3. Build a report from this template in an inspection and give it a go! When previewing, the report will look identical to the NPMA-33.

Filling out Preset Information

Keeping your profile up to date is very important with the NPMA-33! This form will populate several pieces of information from your inspector profile and company page. It will also pull data from the inspection details.

Make sure you have everything up to date under Settings > Profile so that everything looks top notch! You can upload your signature file under your inspector image.

If you're a company with multiple inspectors, you can make sure that everybody else looks ship-shape under Settings > Team and clicking on each inspector.

Tips for On Site Use

Many checkboxes within the form are controlled by whether you input text or not. For example, if you do not input any answers for Section II, the No Visible Evidence box will display. This helps save you taps while inspecting. No insects? No taps!

If you leave all three of the items above blank, here's what that will look like in the report:

Similarly, if you input any text in those items, like "N/A", Visible will be checked on instead! You should only add text to those items when you want the corresponding box checked in the report.

Photos can be added under Section V > Additions > Attachments > Show More. The photos will appear in an addendum page after the report.

If you have any questions on this, or other parts of Spectora, write into our chat bubble or email!

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