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How to customize what your clients see on their bank statements with built-in payments
How to customize what your clients see on their bank statements with built-in payments

To reduce the likelihood of disputes, we've set the default statement descriptor to [company]*[service], but you can change it.

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Statement descriptors are what your clients see on their bank statements, if you have payments enabled. Clear and accurate statement descriptors reduce chargebacks and disputes.

That's why Spectora defaults the statement descriptor to: company name and service provided.

  • The company name is truncated to 10 characters, followed by an "*", and then the service name (which is dynamic per transaction).

  • The total number of characters is 22 (dictated by payment processors, not Spectora).

  • Example:

    Top Inspec*Mold

If you'd prefer to use a different descriptor, you can customize this in Settings->Payments->Statement Options:

There are two parts, a prefix and a suffix.

The prefix is included in every charge and can be up to 10 characters. By default we've set it to your company name (truncated to 10 characters).

The suffix is per transaction and by default is a placeholder to identify what services you provided. It can also be static text, like "INSPECTION", to ensure it is clear what the client paid for.

The entire descriptor can be up to 22 characters, so if you use 10 for the prefix, the suffix can only be 11 characters (one character is used to separate them.)

When a client receives their bank statement, your line item will appear like this, for example:

BESTINSPEC*1234 MAIN S $400.00



Remember, if you like our default descriptor, you don't need to do a thing!

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