The inspection request form is a great scheduling tool, especially for part time inspectors who are looking for more flexibility with scheduling to fit their availability.

This scheduler does not use set availability to offer time slots for booking set services like the Online Scheduler or Get a Quote Widget. On this scheduler clients or agents can write out inspection services which they would like to book as well as an ideal inspection time slot. Once sent, the inspector can choose if they are able to provide services, offer different times, or confirm the booking!

Enabling the Inspection Request Form

To turn on the Request Form, go to Settings > Scheduling Tools > Inspection Request Form > Enable.

Once it is enabled agents and clients will be able to access it through the schedule an inspection link on your public Spectora Profile.

Customizing the Inspection Request Form

The first step to customization is choosing the default features each request comes through with.

Default start time- The time each inspection will default to starting on the form, but it can be altered by whoever is requesting the inspection.

*Also changes the default start time for inspections on the calendar*

Default Inspection name- The name of the service which shows on the invoice for the inspection.

Default Price- The basic starting price of your inspection service. This will not be visible on the form, the price will only show on the invoice once the inspection is confirmed.

Default Duration- The base length of the inspection or how long your inspections last, on average.

Default Template- Which templates you would like to use for your reporting.

Default Agreement- What agreement the customer needs to sign for the inspection.

Customizing Messages to Clients

The Note to Client will show on the Form while the customer is filling it out.

The Request Received Text shows once the booking is complete to let the client know their request has been gotten.

Confirming Requests

When the request is complete, you will see it pop up in the unconfirmed box on the right side of your Spectora dashboard.

If you would like to be notified when you get a request you are able to get both texts and emails to let you know a booking is sent!

Reducing Spam

One risk which can come with a fillable form like this online is spam coming through. To limit any spam inspections coming through check on the CAPTCHA on the scheduler settings!

If you want to add the the inspection request form on your site it is also easy to follow these steps and starting scheduling!

If you have any questions on this, or any other part of Spectora, write into our chat bubble or email!

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