How to update your app version

How to get your app to the version with the latest features and fixes

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To try to keep your app up and running smoothly it is best to make sure you are on the newest version of the app! Small releases are sent out regularly every couple of months while larger version changes are more infrequent.

How to update your app with smaller updates

Smaller updates mean updates to the same larger app version! Each version has three numbers, like 8.1.19. These smaller versions change the last number of the version so it could go from 8.1.19 to 8.1.20.

These smaller updates can be done in app.

The first place it can be updated on is the app dashboard.

The second place it can be updated is in app settings. To get to app settings, click the three bars on the top of the screen > Settings!

Once you are in settings, scroll to the very bottom of the page to the green Get Latest update button!

These updates will not affect app data or inspection progress and can be done without any fear of loss.

How to update your app for larger changes

Larger app updates are less common, but they often have larger new features and changes, making them important updates. These larger changes are ones which fully shift the first number so version 8.0.1 would go to version 9.0.1.

To update these the app will need to be deleted and then downloaded from the App Store for Apple or the Play Store for Android.

Deleting and re-downloading the app will clear any unsaved inspection data, be sure to save data to the web first!

To see the latest app version and the fixes and features with it, check our mobile change log!

If you have any questions on this, or any other part of Spectora, write into our chat bubble or email!

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