360 and panoramic photos can be a great tool for home inspectors to document property conditions better, as well as give more information and interactive visuals to their clients! It can give clients and agents a more in-depth view of their property.  

Uses for 360 Photos

Better document the property condition for insurance liability purposes

Give clients a more complete view of their property

Allow for more interactive pictures of rooms and defects

Use 360 and panoramic aerial photos to offer new perspectives

Enabling 360 Photos

Adding 360 photos to your reports in Spectora is very simple, right now the feature is in beta testing, but can be accessed by any interested user!

To begin using 360 photos, first turn on beta features under Settings > User Settings > User Options > Enable Beta Features.

Once beta is enabled, refresh your page then go to Settings > Report Options > Report Tools > check on Allow 360 Photos.

Adding 360 Photos to Reports

On the web

To add a 360 photo on the web editor, open your inspection report go to the comment you want to add the picture to and click the +photo/video button

To have a photo recognized as a 360 picture, make sure they are 2000 pixels wide with a 2:1 ration of width to height!

Once the photo is added, they will be indicated as a 360 or panoramic photo in with this cube icon in the corned of the photo! 

On the app

IMPORTANT: you must be using version 9+ of the Spectora mobile app in order to use 360 Photos. Versions 8 and below do not have this functionality enabled.

To add a 360 photo on the app, just tap into the comment you'd like to add your photo to and scroll to the bottom of the comment.

You'll see all your photo/video options, along with a + 360/Pano option!

Tap + 360/Pano and add your beautiful 360 photo! To have a photo recognized as a 360 picture, make sure they are 2000 pixels wide with a 2:1 ration of width to height!

360 Photo Viewer

Once the photo is added, the client can view the photos in their report using the 360 photo viewer. This viewer is a great tool to allow your clients to interact more with their report and have a more clear view of your feedback! 

Lastly, 360 photos are a beta option and enabling beta features inherently comes with more potential bugs. If you are interested in starting to use beta features, check out the beta testers Facebook group! 

If you have more questions on beta, 360 photos, or anything else on Spectora, email support@spectora.com or write into our chat bubble!

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