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Spectora Advanced: Toubleshooting Pay Splits
Spectora Advanced: Toubleshooting Pay Splits

How to refresh Pay Splits on existing inspections after changing settings, and other ways to troubleshoot. Keywords: paysplit, paysplits

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If you need to know how to set up Advanced Pay Splits, check out this article.

You can edit Company, or Inspector Specific Pay Splits by going to Settings >  Pay Splits.

Once edited, all inspections scheduled in the future will reflect that change to Pay Splits. 

Refreshing Pay Splits

If you want to apply changes to inspections that have already been scheduled, go to the Inspection Details page and locate the Pay Splits box

Click the Refresh button, and your Pay Splits for this inspection will update according to your settings. 

Assign Pay Splits to Multiple Inspectors

Click Assign to assign inspectors to a specific service. This is useful for team inspections, as the software will not automatically assign both inspectors to the same services

From there, you can click & drag the inspector names to assign them to each service

Pay Split Calculation Breakdown

Wondering how the system calculated that number? Click the "?" Next to the inspector's name and you can see each piece of the calculation broken down

Here is an example Pay Split Breakdown. The "Calculation" is based on your pay split settings.

Edit the Amount

To make a one-off edit to the amount on this inspection (this will not impact other inspections or pay splits), click the up & down buttons, or type in a custom amount

Don't forget to Save!

If you make changes in the Pay Splits box, make sure to click the SAVE button before moving on

If you have any questions or feedback on feature, or other parts of Spectora, write into our chat bubble or email!

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