How to Unlock Unpaid Reports

Want to let your clients and agents view their report before they pay?

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On Spectora, all inspections default to requiring payment before a report can be viewed by a client or agent.
While there are no settings you can change to change this for every report, you can unlock reports by not requiring payment for each inspection!

Unlocking an Unpaid Inspection-

If you want a client to view their report without or before payment you can use a manual unlock tool!
Once the reports on the inspection are published, go to the inspection page > Reports area > "Locked" icon! 

When you click that lock button you will see the option "Do not require payment for this inspection." 

Clicking this will allow the client to view the report, even with an outstanding balance!

You can also click the lock again in the future and click "require payment for this inspection" to lock the report until they pay if you want to!

If you have more questions on this feel free to email us at Support at, or write in on the chat bubble!

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