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4) New User: Setting up Availability
4) New User: Setting up Availability

Set your availability for the Online Scheduler

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You will need to have your weekly availability set up so clients can book inspections through your Online Scheduler. Here's a video demo on setting up your availability:

Step-by-step Process of Setting up Availability

1. Go to Settings > Availability

2. Choose either "Open Schedule" or "Time Slots"

  • Open Schedule: will allow customers to book an inspection anytime between your availability hours, making sure that your last inspection of the day will end at the same time your availability ends (example: 9-5 availability, your last inspection will end at 5pm)

  • Time Slots: Will allow customers to book an inspection only during a few pre-determined time slots throughout the day. (example: you only do inspections starting at 9am and 2pm Monday-Friday)

  • These are both described to the left of the toggle switch

  • It is important to note, you can schedule inspections yourself for any time - these slots are only for customers to see your availability

3. Click +SLOT or +BLOCK to add available times to your scheduler

4. To block off time for personal events or time off, click on the calendar, and select Event. This will block your schedule for that time. Click here for more information regarding scheduling time off.


  • Can I sync my Google Calendar or ical with Spectora? Yes! To set this up, go to Settings > Integrations (NOT System Integrations). Check the box next to the calendar you want to sync, and fill out all the required information.

    (For more detailed steps on how to set up the Google Calendar Integration, click here).

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