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Step-by-step process of setting up Agreements:

1.Go to Settings > Inspection Agreements

  • We pre-populate this "Inspection Agreement" that is based on the InterNACHI inspection agreement. You can edit this agreement any way you'd like, or click the +Create a New Inspection Agreement button to start fresh

2. To edit, click on the agreement

  • You will see a list of "Placeholders" on the right side of the screen: 

4. In the agreement text box, put your cursor where you would like to insert the placeholder, then click the corresponding button to add it to your agreement.

  • Placeholders look like this when you enter them into your Agreement: 

  • Placeholders will auto-fill with the information from each of your inspections

  • Clients can sign agreements by checking a box online from the client portal (this is legally binding, as we track the IP address, date, and time)

  • This is how the check box looks from the client view: 

Step-by-step process of setting up Payments:

1.Go to Settings > Payments

2. Here, you can set up email notifications for yourself and the client when payments are received, and text that will appear on your invoice.

  • We offer 2 payment processor options: Spectora Payments (through Stripe), and Square. If you need help choosing your payment provider, read this article on how to choose your payment processor.

3. If you choose to do Spectora Payments, click Set Up Payments

  • If you choose Square, click "Use an external payment processor" - there is also an option to not to accept online payments.

4. You will need either your Business EIN or your SSN to continue setting up payments

  • Note: your business website will need to be live, or your account verification will be denied. If your website is not live, and you want to set up payments, you can use the url to your Spectora Public Profile


  • What other placeholders does Spectora offer? Lots! Here's an article on all our placeholders and what they mean.

  • Can I create my own placeholder? No, the only custom placeholders we offer are generated when you create a custom scheduling field.

  • Why did my payment verification fail? Check to make sure you are entering your EIN correctly, with no spaces before or after. 

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