Dismissing or Firing Inspectors

Dismissing sub-inspectors, re-assigning subscriptions to new inspectors, and reactivating dismissed/removed inspectors

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If you need to remove a sub-inspector from your Spectora Subscription, start by going to the Settings > Team page. 

Select the red button to the right of the inspector you wish to remove from your subscription. Keep in mind, you cannot remove the primary inspector on the account. 

Click the red button, then select "Remove", if you'd like the option to re-assign this subscription to another inspector (instructions for that below).

Assigning a New Inspector to an Existing Subscription

When you are ready to add a new inspector, you can assign them the subscription of the inspector you dismissed. On the Team page, choose "Add Inspector", and it will default to using your existing subscription.

Reactivating a Dismissed Inspector 

If you want to reactivate the dismissed inspector's account, click the "Show Inactive Inspectors" button: 

Then, select the blue circle on the right side of the inactive inspector you would like to reactivate:

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