If you're using built-in payments, you can easily issue refunds on the Inspection Details page.

To issue a refund in Spectora: 

  1. Go to the inspection details page > Fees & Payment box: 

    2. Tap the ... button > select Edit Fees and Payments

    3. Select Refund:

    4. Adjust refund amount for an either partial or full refund:

Issuing Partial Refunds

After issuing a partial refund, you will want to adjust the total amount to reflect the new total. This will prevent the inspection from showing as a partial payment still needing to be made.

To adjust the total amount after a partial refund, tap the ... button again to select Edit Fees & Payments.

You'll want to add a manual fee of a negative dollar amount for the SAME amount you refunded the client. You can label it as "Refund" so it balances the invoice and is clear on your records.

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Don't forget to hit SAVE!

When issuing partial refunds, we will refund a proportional percentage of the original transaction fee. For example, if your initial charge was $100, your original fee was likely $3.65 (3.25% + 40 cents)**. If you refund $10, that is 10% of the original charge. The overall fee for the partially-refunded charge would be reduced by $0.37, which is 10% of the original fee. That would make the fee on this $3.28. Note that this is different than a $90 charge, where the fee would be $2.33, because of the proportional refund!

**Note: If you pass on credit card fees to your client, the refund will include the full 3.95% fee. The 3.25% + 40 cents is the technology fee when NOT passing on fees to your clients. For more information on passing on fees, check out this article!

Issuing a refund for payments made via bank transfer

Payments made via bank transfer are refunded using the same process. However, because bank transfers take multiple days to process, you'll need to wait until the payment has settled in order to issue a refund.

When waiting for a bank transfer to process so you can refund it, you have the option to be notified when the payment is successful. In the Internal box of the Inspection Details page, you can check the box to receive a reminder when the bank transfer is in your account:

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If you have any questions or feedback, write into our chat bubble or email support@spectora.com!

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