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Canceling? Going out of business? Here's everything you need to know about our refund policy. Keywords: Ref, refun, refunding, credit

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We're sorry to see you go! We know things don't always go as planned. We also recognize that we're not a great fit for everyone.

Unfortunately we cannot provide refunds for your unused subscription term for a few reasons:

  • With our longer-term contracts, we offer you a lower cost in exchange for the upfront payment. Instead of paying the higher monthly cost, you assume the risk of things not working out in exchange for a lower price. We simply cannot absorb both the risk and the lower revenue of offering long-term contracts that allow refunds.

  • We make business decisions based on money coming in. We're a self-funded small business, meaning we don't have investors and must operate off of our revenue. We prepay bills based on our number of subscribers and hosted websites. Our revenue helps us make hiring decisions, upgrade our hosting/servers, and expand our infrastructure. We wouldn't be able to make these long-term investments if we offered refunds on any revenue already accounted for. In other words, the money is already spent!

  • Often a majority of our costs for each new customer are upfront costs, such as on-boarding support, website design, account setup, and data imports. Many other costs, such as long-term data storage of reports and images/videos, continue long after you cancel your account. 

As our Terms of Use state, we can make exceptions for accidental purchases within 48 hours of the transaction. Unfortunately we cannot make exceptions for market downswings, business failures, or events beyond our collective control as all businesses are inherently risky and have sunk startup costs.

For what it's worth, we empathize with the risks of starting a new business. We spent almost two years working on Spectora before we were able to pay ourselves, living frugally and emptying our savings. We invested a lot of non-refundable time and money before we were able to make any money back. Whether it's this business or a future endeavor, we wish you the success that can come from risk, hard work and a little luck!

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