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10 Quick Tips to Boost Your Online Presence
10 Quick Tips to Boost Your Online Presence

Whether you're a new inspector trying to meet more agents or experienced and want to grow more - make sure you're doing the basics

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SEO and online marketing can be daunting, but there are a few quick and easy things you can do to boost your online presence.

10 Quick and Easy Online Networking Tips:

  1. Create a Meta business account on Facebook and an Instagram business account.

  2. Follow as many local agents as you can find on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

  3. Don't just like or share posts from agent accounts you follow - comment, engage, and add to the conversation. Agents will remember you when they see you contributing.

  4. Create (and fully fill out) a Google My Business profile.

  5. Personally email happy clients and agents and ask for Google reviews (make sure to send them the link that goes directly to where they leave you a review).

  6. Add your phone number, email, website, and logo to your email signature.

  7. Have an experienced developer make you a sharp, professional website.

  8. Hire an SEO specialist who can audit your company's presence across the Internet.

  9. Start a blog and update it regularly.

  10. Get recommended by local contractors and business partners.

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