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How to set up your availability
How to set up your availability

You can either choose your working hours or certain time slots you start inspections. Here's how!

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Setting up your availability in Spectora helps in a couple ways:

  • Your online scheduler will only show your available times for clients and agents to book, so no one will request an inspection for your off hours or double-book you during another scheduled inspection.

  • When scheduling your own inspections internally, you will get a warning if it is outside your 'available' times (but will not stop you from completing the booking, so be careful!)

The Set Up:

Click into your Settings tab, then find the "Availability" box near the top.

Decided if you want to use an Open Schedule or Time Slots. Open Schedule let's you say "I work from 8am to 5pm" and allows for any scheduling within that block.  You can even have multiple time blocks to give yourself a break, for example "8am to 12pm" and "1pm to 5pm"  Open Scheduling is more useful when your inspection lengths vary.  See example:

Time Slots are specific start times for inspections.  This let's your say "I can start an inspection at 8am, 11:30am, or 3pm".  You can set different time slots for different days of the week, too!

Your changes will save automatically and reflect on your Online Scheduler

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