Changing the Report Ready Email

How to edit the verbiage in your Report Ready email Automations!

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You can easily update the verbiage on your Report Ready email under your publishing Automations. Let's dive into the steps to do this!

1. Click on the Automations tab from your Dashboard.

2. Scroll to Publishing and click to expand.

3. You can choose to edit your Report Ready:Client Email and/or your Report Ready:Agent Email templates.

4. On the template, you can edit the subject and body of the email. We recommend using Placeholders to auto-populate information from your Inspection Details page.

To learn more about placeholders and view a full list, click here!

5. Once you are happy with how your email looks, make sure to click the Save Email Template button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

If you need further assistance on this, please reach out to us on the chat bubble!

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