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How to Share Templates with the Community
How to Share Templates with the Community

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The Spectora community is full of amazingly generous people.  Every day we see experienced inspectors sharing their templates with other inspectors, new and old alike.  This free sharing of ideas makes for a supportive, welcoming community and helps build up the industry as a whole!

To help facilitate template sharing even more, we’ve created the Template Center.  Here you can browse and import Spectora default templates as well as any template another inspector has shared!

To browse the Template Center, just hit “+New” and “Browse Template Center” in your Templates page:


The Template Center is only as good as the templates being shared in it!  If you’re willing to share a template with the Spectora community, just pop into our new Template Settings menu, scroll to the bottom, and choose “Share my template”:

Write up a short description to describe what your template is all about.

We hope this helps the Spectora community share ideas, welcome new members, and raise the bar overall!

(If you would like to unshare the template, here is an article on how to do this)

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