How To Add Users To Your Website

How to create a new account on your Spectora website. Keywords: admin, website, SEO, marketing, login, new admin, access

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Sometimes one login isn't sufficient enough for your Spectora website. Whether it's your partner, an SEO specialist, your child, or your dog, here's how to add an additional user to your Spectora website.

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How to Add A New Account on Your Website Dashboard

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  1. Log into your Spectora website.

  2. In the left menu, navigate to Users > Add New

  3. Scroll down to Add New User, then fill in their username and email.

  4. Scroll down to Role and set their role as Administrator.

  5. Click the blue Add New User button.

Your new user should receive an email from either Your Website's Name or Spectora Hosting, prompting them to finish their account setup. If they didn't receive that email, have them check their spam folder!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I need to add my marketing team or SEO specialist to my website so they can do some work for me. Will this give them access to my site?

    • Yes! Once you've created a username and added their email address, they'll be able to finish setting up their account and get to work.

  • Can I add anyone I want as an administrator on my website?

    • Absolutely! This is totally up to you!

  • What does administrator mean?

    • Administrator means they have full access to your website and can make any changes to it. If they'll be editing content or adding new content for SEO or marketing purposes, you'll want to make them an administrator.

    • This allows them to work freely without having to bug you as the website owner all the time!

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