How To Log In To Your Website

Logging into your Spectora website and retrieving a lost password.

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Say you want to edit your Spectora website or start blogging, but you don't know how to get in. We've got you covered!

Logging Into Your Website

Note: Your website dashboard is NOT the same as your Spectora dashboard. Your password may not be the same. If you didn't know this, navigate to I Don't Know My Email/Password.

I Know My Email/Password

  1. Add /login or /wp-admin to the end of your website URL.

  2. Enter your email and password, then click "Log In"

  3. Make yourself a drink. You're in! ☕

I Don't Know My Email/Password

  1. When your website first launched, you should have received an email from "Spectora Hosting" with instructions on how to set a password. If you can't find that, you can hit the 'Forgot Your Password' button on that login page.

  2. Enter your email and hit "Get New Password"

    Your email will be one of the following:

    1. The email you used to communicate with your web designer.

    2. The email you used for the feedback tool when you were critiquing your first draft.

    3. The email that's visible on your website pages.

What If All Else Fails?

If you've tried every email and haven't gotten your password reset request from Spectora Hosting (make sure to also check your spam folder), hit the frowny face below and ask for the web team when the bubble pops up! Let us know that you don't know what email your account was set up with, and we'll help you figure it out!

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