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How to Reactivate an Inspector
How to Reactivate an Inspector

Is one of your inspectors returning to your team after a hiatus or being rehired? This article will walk you through reactivating them.

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Whether they took a break to explore new horizons or simply needed a breather, this article is here to guide you through the process of reactivating a home inspector who was previously part of your team.

Reactivating an Inactive Inspector

You can easily reactivate an inspector once they're ready to return to your team. Follow the steps below to see how to reactivate them.

πŸ’‘ Quick tip: Click on the video above to expand it in another window.

  1. Click "Settings"

  2. Click "Team"

  3. Click "Show Inactive Inspectors"

  4. Click the arrow to the right of the inspector's name

  5. Select the subscription you want to add them to

  6. Click "Reactivate Inspector"

Now that your inspector is back in action, it's time to continue delivering top-notch service and expertise to your clients and agents. Cheers to a successful reunion, and may your home inspections be as smooth as ever!

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