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Partnering with Local Contractors

Benefits of Recommend Contractors

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Are you thinking about partnering with local contractors, but need some tips and talking points to showcase the value to them? Don’t sweat it; we’re here to help.

Let’s talk about the benefits local contractors will see by partnering with you.

  1. Endorsement 👍 -- As a home inspector, you’ve already earned a homeowner's trust. Your endorsement means a lot.

    88% of customers trust a recommendation from someone, so your recommendation is powerful, and can significantly increase the likelihood of a homeowner booking a job with the local contractor.

  2. Quality assurance for the homeowner 📑 -- On the note of trust, the recommended contractor can be assured that you will speak well of them and their work.

    A homebuyer or homeowner will have an inherent level of trust that the work of the recommended contractor will be high quality, which is helpful when they are trying to build their business and local reputation.

  3. Cost-effective marketing 📫 -- Even if you ask your local contractor(s) for a share of the revenue from booked jobs, this is cost-effective marketing for them.

    Your local contractor can see this opportunity as low-cost marketing that functions almost like a PPL (pay-per-lead) advertisement.

  4. It's an excellent experience for clients 🙌 -- Why? Because the Spectora platform is built to make this experience as easy as possible.

    Because the homebuyer has the option to get a quote and see the local contractor’s business immediately, they're more likely to book with the contractor than they would if an inspector recommended the contractor verbally.

  5. Streamlined communication ✉️ -- Being a recommended contractor ensures efficient communication. The platform allows for streamlined communication between you, the contractor, and the homebuyer. This can save the contractor time and make the process more efficient.

  6. Potential for more revenue 💵 -- This is the big one. If a contractor partners with you, they have the potential to get more revenue. This is a GREAT opportunity for local contractors to get more business.

    Why? Because if they aren’t recommended they are relying on the homeowners to seek them out. In this case, the homebuyer will likely look at many local contractors, which decreases the chance of a booked job. Recommended contractor from an inspector = higher revenue potential.

    As a plus, your recommended contractor has the potential to turn the homeowner into a repeat client after their first time working together.

Recommending Contractors allows you to foster your relationships with local businesses plus put more money in both your pocket and theirs. It's a great win-win situation!

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