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Importing your InspectIT Template
Importing your InspectIT Template

How to bring your template from InspectIT into Spectora

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Bringing your template from InspectIT into Spectora is easy. 😎

The template will need some touch-ups once it is imported, to be sure it works just how you want, but your narratives, flow, and hard work will all be there!

Once you have your InspectIT template exported and ready to import, go to the Template Editor.

In the Template Editor, hit the three dots in the top right corner of the screen > Add Templates > select "Import from another software."

To begin the import, select your .xml template file through "Choose File" then hit "Import Template."

Note: In order for the import to run successfully, you must use a .xml file. Other file types will cause issues with the process.

Your template will begin building out as soon as this is hit!

Template building can take a few minutes, but no need to stay in the template editor while it runs, feel free to go about your day.

When you come back, your template will be named "Imported from InspectIT" and can be found in your my templates drop down!

If you need to make some edits to your template and don't know how to, check out this video on how to navigate our template editor!

If you would rather walk through the template editor with one of our teams, we also do group demos every Monday on templates!

If you have any other questions on this, or other parts of Spectora, write into our chat bubble or email

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