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Using the Online Scheduler
Using the Online Scheduler

Easily have clients and agents schedule appointments independently

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The Online Scheduler is a great tool to allow appointments to be scheduled without manual work on your end.

It uses your pre-set service and fees as well as availability to schedule appointments at the right time and with the correct fees!

How to Enable the Online Scheduler

Before enabling the Online scheduler, set up your services and fees and availability to be sure you are ready to go.

Customizing your Online Scheduler

Choose what comes up first when scheduling, capture contact information early in the process or, keep your availability visible.

Make sure you have the warning you need before appointments, choose the number of hours to allow bookings before the appointment starts.

If you have multiple inspectors, allow agents and clients to select their preferred inspectors,

If this is not selected the inspector who lives the nearest, or with the closest previous job, will automatically be chosen.

Choose how pricing displays on your scheduler, either fully hide pricing, show the total price without showing the breakdown with modifiers and taxes, or fully display all details.

Better Communicate with Your Clients

Choose whether you want to confirm appointments to verify pricing and make any changes before sending messaging, or have them confirm automatically.

Select what messaging displays on the scheduler when the appointment is requested.

Get Notified for Bookings

You can get messaged through text or email for either completed appointments or in-progress bookings to know when to follow up.

Use the Scheduler on Your Website

Click "My Online Scheduler" at the bottom of your settings. This will take you to your scheduler. Once open, copy the URL at the top in your browser's address bar to link to it on a website or social media.

If you want to embed your scheduler in a website (include it in a way it can be accessed without being redirected to Spectora), use the embedding code to add it.

If you have any questions about this or other parts of Spectora, write into our chat bubble or email!

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