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Displaying Inspection Fees on Agreements
Displaying Inspection Fees on Agreements

Use placeholders to add per inspection pricing information to agreements

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Displaying accurate pricing data is an important part of inspection agreements, Spectora offers a few different options to generate and display per inspection pricing on agreements.

To access fee placeholders, go to Settings > Business Tools > Agreements and click an agreement to edit it, or hit create new agreement.

Placeholders are listed on the right side of the agreement editor.

Clicking any of the placeholders will insert them into the agreement where the cursor is.

Per Inspection Placeholders

If you want to show the full price for an inspection, including all fees, use one of these Placeholders.

  • {{PRICE}} The total cost of the inspection

  • {{FEES}} A list of the services and their costs, separated by commas

Per Fee Placeholders

If you offer more than home inspections services, you will often need to create or modify agreements for these other services. This feature allows for an inspector to add the fee of a single service or add-on to an inspection agreement.

Each placeholder will generate the cost of the service or add-on on a scheduled inspection based on what is set in Settings > Services and Fees, including any modifiers, discounts, or taxes.

When the agreement generates, only the fee for the specified service or add on will be listed on the agreement, making the cost of the service they are agreeing to clear.

If you have any questions on this, or other parts of Spectora, write into our chat bubble or email!

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