In order to point your domain to our servers, we need to access the account where you bought your domain - called your domain registrar. In some cases, it's as easy as sending us your credentials (username/password). For others, there are a few extra steps for your security and safety.

Please Note: It is strongly encouraged you temporarily change your password before you give it to us, and/or change it after we're done getting you set up.

Google Domains

In order to grant us access to your Google domain, you'll need to Share Management to (See Guide)


In order for us to access your GoDaddy account, you must first delegate access .

Here's a breakdown of the process:

  1. Please delegate (name) "Spectora" - (email) access to your Products and Domains (See Guide)

  2. After we accept your delegation (this can take 1 hour to 2 days), please grant us Management Access for on your domain folder (See Guide). NOTE: This is a new change from Godaddy's end.

Below is a quick video guide on how to do both steps.

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