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How to Use the Florida 4-Point Form

A step-by-step guide to writing reports on the specialized output FL 4-Point template

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Spectora offers four specialized output PDFs for our Florida inspectors to take advantage of:

How to Add the 4-Point Template to Your Account

We don't have the ability to specialize the output of your own template, so you'll need to add the template we provide to your account.

πŸ’‘ Quick tip: Click on the video above to expand it in another window.

  1. Click "Templates"

  2. Click "Template Center"

  3. Click "Florida Citizens 4-Point Inspection Form"

  4. Click "Preview" to preview the template

  5. Click "Add Template" to add the template to your account

  6. The template will start building

  7. Once the template finishes building, it will load for you to view

  8. The template is now on your account.

    1. To access it in the future, click "My Templates"

    2. It will be listed in your template list

πŸ’‘ Tip: You can set up a Service for 4-point inspections, and set the 4-Point as the default template, under Settings > Services & Fees.

What Makes the 4-Point a Specialized Output PDF?

You can use the 4-Point template for reports on the web or the mobile app, just like any other template. But, this template works a little differently because of the specialized output of the PDF.

The report writer looks similar to other templates, but the report viewer bypasses the HTML-based web report and generates a PDF of the Citizen's 4-Point Inspection form instead:

🚨 Warning: 🚨

Because of the specialized output of the form, you should not delete, modify, or add sections, items, or comments.

Doing this can result in your findings not showing up on the report or breaking the output of the PDF altogether.

How to Use the 4-Point Form

  • In order for the "Minimum Photo Requirements" boxes to show as checked, you must enter a photo in the "Photos" item for each section.

    • For example, a photo must be entered in the "Photos of each side of the dwelling" comment in order for the "Dwelling" box to be checked:


  • The template is designed to save you taps and extra steps.

    • For example, in the Electrical System section, there is no check box for "Is amperage sufficient for current usage?" on the report writer.

      • However, there's an option to enter "Explanation if amperage insufficient". If anything is entered in this comment, that previous box will automatically switch from "Yes" to "No (explain)" on the assumption that the amperage is insufficient.


    • This includes writing something like "N/A" in this comment, so don't enter anything in areas where text isn't applicable. Keep this in mind if anything is checked on your report that you feel should not be!


  • In order for a "visible signs of damage" photo to show on the PDF, you will need to fill out the "Explanation" line in the report editor.

    • For example, adding a photo to the Roof > Visible signs of damage/deterioration will not make the photo show on the PDF until an explanation is entered:

Things to Keep in Mind When Writing the 4-Point Report

  • The "All hazards or deficiencies noted in this report" box cannot be unchecked. It is checked by default as it is a requirement on the 4-Point form.


  • Details on the form will populate from what you have entered under Settings > Profile.

    • For multi-inspector companies, click on each inspector from the Team page to add their signature.


  • You can enter other pieces of information, like Title and License Number, on the template so you don't have to enter them each time you write the report. You can use a placeholder or simply type your information into the template:


Looking for placeholders for your template?

If you have any questions or feedback, write into our chat bubble or email!

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