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Turning on PDF page breaks for certain sections
Turning on PDF page breaks for certain sections

Looking to have page breaks on parts of your PDF?

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If you are looking to have certain sections start on a different page of your PDF and have certain sections not, you have that option!

To set this up, first go to your Template > click into your Template Settings > Display Options > PDF Options > check off page break sections!

This will disable page breaks for all sections and allow you to select the ones you would like page broken versus defaulting to all!

Once that is done, return to your template editor and hover over the section you would like to have page breaks on and click the pencil icon.

In the editor, check on the "Always page break for this section!"

Once this is done all newly built reports from the template will have that section with page breaks!

This feature can also be turned on or off on a per report basis. If there is ever a section you decide you would like to have PDF page breaks or not, it is easily edited in the report writer!

If you have questions on this, or any other part of Spectora, you can write into our chat bubble or email!

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