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How the Spectora Job Marketplace Can Help You Find Work
How the Spectora Job Marketplace Can Help You Find Work

Our Jobs Marketplace can help you find quality companies looking to hire

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Our Spectora Jobs Marketplace helps fulfill two needs:

  1. Allows inspectors that aren't crazy about the business side of things to find a growing multi-inspector company to work for.

  2. Allows growing multi-inspector companies to find quality inspectors already familiar with Spectora to join their team.

Here's how to get started on finding hiring companies:

First, make sure your Profile is filled out in Spectora as we use your location to determine nearby companies which are hiring.

Next, visit our Jobs Marketplace and choose "I Want to Be Hired":

You'll get notified as new hiring companies are added to the list. You'll always be able to come back to the Jobs Marketplace to view a list of hiring companies to reach out to. 

To remove yourself: If you ever decide you're no longer looking to be hired, just revisit the Jobs page and hit the orange buttons to remove yourself:

If you have questions on this, or any other part of Spectora, hop on our chat bubble or send us an email at!

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