Our Spectora Jobs Marketplace helps fulfill two needs:

  1. Allows inspectors that aren't crazy about the business side of things to find a growing multi-inspector company to work for

  2. Allows growing multi-inspector companies to find quality inspectors already familiar with Spectora to join their team 

Here's how to get started on finding inspectors:

First, make sure your Profile is filled out in Spectora as we use your location to determine nearby available inspectors.

Next, visit our Jobs Marketplace and "I'm Hiring Inspectors": 

You'll get notified as new job seekers are added to the list. You'll always be able to come back to the Jobs Marketplace to view a list of job seekers to reach out to. 

To remove yourself:
If you ever decide you're no longer hiring, just revisit the Jobs page and hit the orange buttons to remove yourself:

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