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Quick Start Guide: Setting up Automation

Step-by-step process of setting up your automated emails and text messages

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Emails are an important part of the inspection process. They let your client know their appointment is confirmed, remind them to make their payments, notify them that the report is ready, and more!

You can easily customize your Automation emails to include whatever verbiage you'd like. In this article, we'll show you how to edit these emails to make them perfect for you.

Check out our video below to see how Automations work:

The Automations Tab

Before editing our Automation emails, let's go over what we'll find in the Automations tab. At the very top, you'll see four options. These will show sent and waiting to be sent emails and text messages.

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  • Email Queue

    • These are emails scheduled to be sent for each of your inspections.

    • Think of it like a line of people waiting to enter an event - there's an orderly line and everyone waits their turn to enter. It's first come, first serve, so inspections scheduled first thing in the morning will have their emails sent out before any inspections scheduled later in the afternoon.

  • Emails Sent

    • These are emails that have already been sent out to your clients or agents.

    • You can confirm which emails have been sent or delivered here.

    • If there was an issue sending an email, this tab will show you any associated error messages.

  • Texts Queue

    • Just like emails, texts form a queue for sending. This is where the texts "wait" before they are sent and delivered to the recipient.

  • Texts Sent

    • This is where the sent texts will be.

    • You can see if a text was successfully sent or delivered here.

Next, you'll see the "types" of emails & texts included in our base software. Each of these can be enabled to send an email or text message to the client and the client's agent.

  • Scheduling

    • You guessed it - these are going to be your scheduling confirmation emails.

  • Rescheduling

    • If a client needs to reschedule an inspection, you can create a custom email that confirms the new date/time of the appointment.

  • Cancellation

    • Just like the Rescheduling emails, the Cancellation emails send an email to the client/agent when an inspection is canceled.

  • Inspection Agreements & Fees

    • This allows your client to be automatically notified any time a new agreement or fee is added to the inspection.

  • Pre-Inspection (Client, Client's Agent, Listing Agent)

    • These options allow you to set up reminders for the upcoming inspection.

    • You can use these to remind the client to pay or sign their agreements, remind the listing agent when you'll arrive, and more.

  • Publishing

    • This is the notification sent to the client (and the client's agent if you choose) to let them know their inspection report is ready to view.

  • Post-Inspection (Client, Client's Agent, Listing Agent)

    • This allows you to send follow-up emails to each of the recipients.

    • You can use these to thank the client for their business or ask for a review from the agent.

Now we can move on to customizing our emails!

Customizing Your Automation Emails

💡 Quick tip: Click on the video above to expand it in another window.

  1. Click "Automation" in your Navigation Bar

  2. Click on one of the headings

  3. Enable which emails or texts you'd like to use

  4. Click "Edit Template" to customize that specific email

  5. Enter a subject line

  6. Edit the body of the email

  7. Utilize the placeholders on the right to automatically pull info into the emails

  8. Click "Save Email Template"

🌟 Pro-tip: You can add a placeholder like {{ADDRESS}} into the subject line of your emails. This helps the emails go to the recipient's inbox and not to spam.

Editing Text Message Content

If you'd like to edit text message content, you can purchase a custom text number to do so. Here is more information about how to purchase a number and why this is required by law.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I customize the text messages sent to my clients & agents?

    To customize text messages, you'll need a custom phone number. There are a lot of regulations in place from the major telecom companies, and a custom phone number is required to send custom text messages. For more information, click here.

  • Can I include payment instructions or information in my emails?

    Absolutely! You can include any information you'd like.

  • My emails are going to spam! What do I do?

    Don't panic, we have some tips and tricks you can try! Check them out here.

  • What if I don't want Automations to go out for one specific inspection?

    You can manually disable notifications within each inspection by clicking the "disable notifications" checkbox upon scheduling

  • What other placeholders does Spectora offer?

    Tins! This article describes how to use placeholders and what each placeholder means.

  • Can I create more specific email triggers?

    • Yes, but that is a feature of Spectora Advanced. Here's an article if you want to learn more about cost and features!

  • What is the Email Queue, Text Queue, etc. on the top of the Automations page

    • These will show you your current queued emails and texts. You can check here if you think an email has bounced or was not delivered.

If you have any questions or feedback, write into our chat bubble or email!

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