Part of Spectora Advanced, Actions allow much more customization than the Automation options in the standard software. Contact Tagging makes Actions even more powerful, allowing you to tag clients and agents so that they can receive a more customized set of emails and text messages. This can be used for:

  • Having a "Repeat Agent" tag that sends an abbreviated set of emails and text messages since they might already know about your process and not need walkthroughs of how to use the report

  • Having an "Investor" tag that sends a different set of emails and text messages, as investors might have a different set of needs for information than the average home buyer

  • Having a "First-Time Home Buyer" tag that sends additional information useful to first-time home owners

To use Contact Tagging, you must first enable Actions:

Once you've activated Spectora Advanced, pop into Settings->Advanced Tools and enable Actions:

Once Actions is enabled, your Contacts page will have the additional column for "Tags" and you'll be able to use tags in your Actions setup!

Tagging Existing Contacts

To add a tag to an existing contact, simply visit the Contacts page and use this button:

You can add one or more tags by typing in your tag and pressing enter or hitting "Save":

(Note that we automatically downcase all tags to avoid issues with case sensitivity, such as "VIP agent" vs "VIP Agent".)

Soon we will allow specifying tags during scheduling - coming soon!

Managing Tags

To manage your tags, visit the Tags page:

Here you can add new tags and edit existing tags (such as renaming tags and associating a color with a tag.):

Using Tags in Actions

When setting up an Action, simply add a rule such as "Having client tag of 'investor'" or "Not having client agent tag of 'vip'":

Now this Action will only apply when the rule is met!

Obviously the use of Contact Tagging adds more complexity to your Actions. We recommend grouping your Actions into groups to keep things manageable!:


As you can see, Contact Tagging is a powerful new feature that will allow you to set up complex automation rules. It is most useful for companies that interact with a lot of different types of agents and clients.

You can still use Spectora Advanced with our original Automation system if you prefer the simple approach - just disable "Actions" in Settings.

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