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How to set up Service Limitations for your inspectors
How to set up Service Limitations for your inspectors

If your inspectors only perform certain services, you can set up Service Limitations so your Online Scheduler gets it right every time.

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Part of Spectora Advanced, Service Limitations allows you to set which services each inspector on your team performs. This is useful when certain inspectors are licensed to do some services you offer while others are not. This article shows you how to set these up!

Enable Service Limitations

Once you've activated Spectora Advanced, pop into Settings->Advanced Tools and enable Service Limitations:

Set up Service Limitations

Now you can visit your Availability page (the same place you set your hours):

And see the extra control for "Services":

For each inspector, you must choose which Services they can be scheduled for (including add-ons):

Note that if you enable Service Limitations, you must set services for each inspector or else it is assumed they cannot perform any!

Limitations in Effect

When scheduling your own inspections, you will now see warnings if the assigned inspector cannot perform the selected service (though you may still schedule the inspector):

On the Online Scheduler, the available time slots / inspectors displayed will only include those where an inspector is available to perform the primary service:

If there are additional services or add-ons requested, an "Alert" will be created in your dashboard so you can assign additional inspectors for those services:

In other words, the system prioritizes booking the inspection first and allowing you to figure out additional logistics later.

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