1. Follow all the agents you can find on social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn seem to be the most popular.

  2. Create (and fully fill out) a Google My Business and Yelp profile.

  3. Personally email your first few happy clients and agents and ask for a review on Google and Yelp (make sure to send them the link that goes directly to where they leave you a review).

  4. Add your phone number, email, website and logo to your email signature.

  5. Think about investing in Google Pay-Per-Click.

  6. Have an experienced developer make you a sharp, professional website.

  7. Make sure you have a sample report to show agents.

  8. Find local open houses to connect with agents (and don't go empty-handed!).

  9. See if you can get certified through the state or a local association for Realtor CE courses.

  10. Keep your agent presentations short, visual and value-driven.

  11. Don't just go to offices and drop off business cards.

  12. Think about bringing something different. Doughnuts are played out.

  13. Find and join local networking groups of professionals.

  14. Join every local realtor association and chamber of commerce.

  15. Put out a Facebook message on your personal account asking for friends to tag a real estate agent.

  16. Don't just like or share posts from agent accounts you follow - actually comment, engage, and add to the conversation.

  17. When at agent offices or out to coffee, ASK questions. Be curious about their business, their family, their aspirations.

  18. Find local causes and events that brokers tend to sponsor. Get involved.

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