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How to schedule automatic emails and texts
How to schedule automatic emails and texts

Need to set up your inspection confirmation email? ​Want to change your pre-inspection texts? What about your post-inspection e-mails?

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Pop into your "Automation" tab up top to see all of these options and more.
Here you are able to edit email/text message message templates, when those messages are getting sent, who is receiving them, and also change up your E-mail settings.

Click on any heading to edit that specific section. For example, drilling into the "Pre-Inspection: Client" tab looks like this:

  • These reminders can be changed to hours, days, weeks, or months*

Here's a quick look at what you'll see from Automation>Post-Inspection: Client > Edit Template...

Insert appropriate placeholder links from the right panel to personalize your automated messages. These will update with each inspection to keep your emails and texts personal and relevant! 

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