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How to use the Repair Request Builder
How to use the Repair Request Builder

Agents can easily create repair request documents in Spectora! Ask for credit, repairs, and replacements in professional-looking lists.

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Agents are loving our new Repair Request Builder!  Agents can quickly create professional-looking repair request lists from Spectora home inspection reports, adding their own requests for credit, repairs, replacements, or custom text.  The tool can also be used for project lists, fix-it lists, or any other addendum that requires certain defects with custom text!

How it works

1. Click "Report Tools" at the top of any Spectora report.

2. Click "Repair Request Builder" to launch the tool.

3. Customize the document name, header text (displayed at the top of the document), and the sorting order the generated report will appear in.

4. Optionally filter which defects you wish to view for faster review:

5. Check any defects you wish to appear in the repair request document.  

For each defect, you can choose to ask for credit (dollar amount):

A running total is kept in the top-right corner.

You can also input custom text.  We've added a couple buttons to quickly insert "repair requested" or "replacement requested" since they are frequently used, but you can input anything you like:

6. At any point you can hit "Preview" to view a preview of the repair request document:

7. When you're done, click "Create" to generate the document:

You now have a URL you can share with anyone:

We've also included options for quickly emailing or texting the document to anyone:

It's that easy!  

The generated report can be viewed by anyone with the link, allowing photos to be viewed full-screen and videos to be played!  

There is also a PDF generation tool for saving or printing the document:

If the agent would like to make changes to the Repair Request once it is made, they can go back to the previously made Repair Request and click Edit in the bottom right corner to make changes, add credit requests, or alter comments.

The edit function is only available to whoever created the Repair Request!

Once that is done they can save again and the new list can be sent out. It will also be saved to the Client Portal for future use!

Agents love how fast and easy it is to build repair request documents with Spectora!

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